Milwaukee Bombers is a website founded by me, Lyric Vu. Since I was a child I have a fascination with the sport of football and their original roots that is rugby. With time I knew about Aussie Rules Football and knew that was the best way to enjoy the sport, as well to see it and experience the thrill of a football game with that rules.

Since Aussie Rules Football isn’t a known sport for many, I decided one day to create a website that holds the best information about this type of football, and also articles and interesting research about the sport itself, this with the professional coverage that demands and with a total professionalism of our team of writers.

But in this blog we also talk about the prominent Aussie team of football that is “The Milwaukee Bombers” and we keep updated their status in the latest leagues and their performance on the latest match against other professional teams. We are a website constituted of sports fans that know which team is the best in their division and their potential to win the round.

From the early days of this website to today, we knew that we will have success in our job of delivering the best information in Aussie rules football since is our dedication to keep the flame on in this sport and share our knowledge with the world. We are unstoppable and we know that we are going to keep giving the best news reports on Australian Football.So, contact us, and have fun with us.