3 Facts about the USAFL Every Fan Should Know


With Australian football being a sensation all around the world, is easy to see why a lot of people prefer these rules over the traditional American football, as well rugby that is most known around England.

But Australian football has reached new horizons thanks to how the game works and is now reachable for any country around the globe, that’s why is easy to see a lot of Australian football championships in foreign countries where other sports predominate their population.

With this being said, we known that in America the most known sports are the traditional football (AKA: American football) but Aussie rules football has made a debut in the lands of the USA and has a lot of active players enjoying the sports and their matches, to the point of creating the well-known USAFL.

USAFL stands as United States Australian Football League. With more than twenty years after his creation, this organization has more than 10.000 active players, that means that a lot of citizens of the united states play in their daily week at least one match of Aussie rules football, and even prefer this style over the traditional American football.

The Teams of USAFL


With more than 10.000 active players in their country is obvious that the USAFL has a lot of Aussie rules football teams, with a number of 36-37 Men’s club that makes championships in their regular time.

But the USAFL has as well a women’s division, with 13 clubs teams. It might be lower than the number of Men’s club, but still, these athletes play just as great as the other clubs and are worthy to mention that they have their own competitions.

The History Of USAFL


As the same with other organizations the USAFL has a beginning story. The record of the first game played in America alongside the USAFL was in the year 1996, where Cincinnati and Louisville face up in a match, starting the Mid-American-Australian Football league, and even debuting to be seen in the network channel ESPN.

Nowadays ESPN no longer transmits the matches in Aussie rules football, but the Australia Football Association of North America was formed to transmit the highlights and games that have to do with Australia football.

Tournaments and Competitions


The USAFL is responsible to hold many tournaments under his name, where the best teams in Australian football face each other to see which one results victorious and takes the world cup. In the multiples events of the USAFL, we can find the “Australian Football International Cup” that is one of the biggest events for Aussie rules football.

Other events with the same relevance are the “USAFL National championships” that are more targeted to teams of America, showing the full potential of each team as they compete against others in the field.

With these facts of the USAFL, we can see the potential of the great sport that is Australian Football and their performance alongside others sports that made their entry in America.

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