3 Australian Football Players we’ll Never Forget


With years being one of the favorites sports for Australians. Australian football has been always in the spotlight in this country. And by having a great reception, is clear that there have been a lot of teams that have captivated the many sports fans, as well as players that had become the all-time favorites for many.We have made and investigation down Memory-Lane to gather these ones.

Now, let’s take a walk in the history of Aussie Football and see the performance and career of the best Australian football athletes.

Israel Folau

We start this list with a man that needs no presentation. Is known as the best Australian football player in the world and has been in the spotlight for many fans. Playing for the Melbourne Storm in the national rugby league from the period of 2007 to the next year, he broke a world record by having most tries in a debut year.

Being one of the youngest players to play for two professional teams, Folau has been an exceptional player that has caused history in the short-period of time that he has played for Australian rugby.

Tom Lonergan

An Australian footballer that has been known for playing in the Geelong Football Club in the AFL (Short for Australian Football League), with a great performance in the early days of his career he suffers an accident back in the year 2006 that made him quit the league for a while. But after his comeback in the next year, he proved himself by becoming a great athlete and a living legend for the AFL.

James Kelly

Another “Geelong Football Club” star that made a great performance and leadership in the AFL. Even being recognized as the best player for the Geelong Football club and having an extended career in this club since the year 2001 to this year having more than 15 years being the star in this team.

With these three players making history in one of the most complete sports of the world, we can be secured than new stars will come in the future, but never replace the potential than these legends did in the past.

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