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Milwaukee Bombers is a fundamental website for any sports fans since is the main website that discusses and talks about Aussie rules football, a type of football that is being acknowledged as one of the best and most entertaining ways to practice football. For that, we are always thrilled to bring our content every day with the best information and structure.

However, as time goes on, we have noticed that the number of events and articles to write has been increasing over time. And while we have an amazing team of writers that are ready to back up us and deliver their professional work. Sometimes we need some extra hands to aid us in pursuit of giving our news and our point of view in the latest games.

This also comes with the task that here in Milwaukee Bombers we give a special attention in what we consider one of the best teams in the league of Aussie rules football. That is, of course, the Milwaukee Bombers, and we love to write about their latest performance and the future that they have in the major leagues.

Saying this, we mean that we are looking for potential writers that can understand our readers and that can share our taste. If you have a strong passion for Aussie rules football and are a fanatic of the Milwaukee Bombers, you should consider joining us and write for us, it can be for an extended period of time or just so you can promote your work.